Fred Academy

the Brussels dance school


Wednesday from 6:30p-7:30pm 


Intro to Social Dance Class 

Level: Absolute Beginner/Beginner


In the prospect of dancing at a party have you ever thought, “I don’t know how to dance. Why are they pushing me to go out there? I can’t possibly dance with all of those people. What would I do? I would look ridiculous.” 


If so, this class is definitely for you! 


So take a HUGE deep breath as we explore a different movement concepts to add to your social dance toolkit. 


Join us as we dive into the challenges and greatness that is social dancing! 


In this class, we will:


- Engage in various movement activities and exercises that focus on body awareness and placement.


- Explore tips and tools you can use when you go out dancing in social settings like parties and work or family events.


- Build self-confidence, focus and intentionBuild an extensive movement toolkit that provides variety and clarity to your movement on the dance floor.


- Get to the root of fear in movement and bring out the amazing dancer in all of us.



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